Smart manufacturing is evolving at breakneck speed, and the latest advancements will be on display throughout Advanced Manufacturing New York. From collaborative robots to additive manufacturing, smart manufacturing is making businesses more flexible, agile, collaborative, and lean. Whether you're looking to automate your assembly line or shift from predictive maintenance to predictive condition monitoring, you can discover how today's capabilities and tomorrow's advancements are driving the fourth industrial revolution, how adopting a smarter approach will revolutionize your products, and how IoT, Big Data and interoperability are increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Smart Manufacturing Education Hub


What is it?
Explore the latest innovations in smart manufacturing at a dedicated area on the expo floor. At the Smart Manufacturing Education Hub, delve into topics including smart sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence in manufacturing, the trends and emerging tech surrounding 3D printing, and collaborative robots' evolving role in the factory of the future. This is the information you need if you want to stay competitive.
The three-day education hub is a can't-miss for professionals relying on Industry 4.0, as well as those who have yet to make the shift. Expert speakers will touch on:

  • Robotics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • IoT and IIoT
  • Machine control
  • The digital twin

These sessions will cover topics such as

  • Big Data
  • Preparing for the next industrial revolution
  • How to get the best ROI from your collaborative robot

Why Does It Matter?
The smart manufacturing education hub is for industry professionals who want to dive into the innovations and solutions transforming the industry. It's for the attendee who wants to see the future of robotics, artificial intelligence, sensors, industrial IoT, and additive manufacturing — and apply these emerging opportunities within their businesses to increase efficiency, optimize operations, maximize throughput, and improve ROI.

Session Highlights

Workforce Integration in the New Age of Smart Manufacturing

The rapid advancement of new technology is making it increasingly difficult to find workers with the skills to use it. This panel discussion and networking session will help attendees understand how hiring for the factory floor is going to change. It will also highlight the skills advanced manufacturers need in operators and technicians, including problem solving, CAD design, coding, and 3D printer operation. This session ends with a Q&A and networking opportunity.

Learning from Nature: The Mechanics Behind the Robotic Zoo

Leading automation companies have been creating a menagerie of bionic animals and insects, applying insights from nature to technology and industry. Learn how these robotic creatures help to audit current trends in R&D, test new technologies and manufacturing methods, and encourage creativity in product development.

Mobility: The Driving Force Behind the Growth in Collaborative Robotics

Companies are turning to robots to boost their workforce and their bottom line. The need for speed, efficiency, and productivity is helping to drive demand for collaborative robotics. A major force in cobot agility allows free movement throughout facilities. This session will look at the growth in demand for collaborative robotics, mobility's big role in this growth, and whether robots will ever fully take over manufacturing jobs. Is the latter a question of will — or when?

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