Discover how leading companies are improving efficiency in their packaging assembly lines. From design to development and technology integration, get the insights you need to make faster products at a lower cost. Curious about the viability of automation technologies? Need more ecommerce packaging solutions? Want help sorting through your sustainable packaging challenges? Find ideas and answers here.

Packaging Education Hub

The three-day theater designed specifically for packaging professionals across an array of industry verticals — including food and beverage, health and beauty, consumer goods, medical devices and pharmaceuticals — offers a full slate of high-quality, in-depth education in key areas driving packaging innovation today. Stay on top of the latest packaging trends, technologies and materials with engaging presentations and live demos from the best in the business. These can't-miss educational sessions are free to attend and provide opportunities for packaging professional to:

  • Get up to speed on the latest packaging design trends
  • See which digital technologies are being used in packaging and discover which are right for you and your brand
  • Hear from leading industry experts about future trends impacting the packaging industry
  • Gain inspiration for your next product or project
  • Hear about components and services from leading suppliers

Deep dive into expert-led education on production efficiencies, ecommerce challenges, sustainability trends, new bioplastic technologies, and more. Packaging professionals ranging from R&D managers, designers, engineers, project managers, and others working in the packaging industry will walk away with actionable insights that will gain attention and approval from leadership back at the office or on the factory floor.

Session Highlights

Beyond the Baggie: The Future of Cannabis Containers

In many states recreational cannabis is the new normal, but marijuana's image still has some growing up to do. This session will explore the industry-specific issues facing this emerging market and how design and packaging can help refine its future.

Just How Hard Is It to Open a Medical Package Aseptically?

Medical device packaging contains a sterile barrier system to lock out microorganisms — so how do you open said package without instant contamination? This live demo will show you how it's done with help from the audience and some glittered hand lotion.

A Comprehensive Look at Package Testing Methods

From beauty products to beverages, testing is a rigorous step on the path to packaging development. This presentation offers an overview of available test methods so you can better assess alignment with the industry and FDA consensus standards.

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