The Medtech Hub is a powerful, end-to-end industry showcase offering top-notch education from experts on unmet needs in healthcare, advances in technology, and more. From design through product development and technology integration, you'll access the full spectrum of cutting-edge solutions to make faster, lower-cost, and smarter medical products. Whether you're looking for the latest in sourcing products in areas like sensors, batteries, materials, artificial intelligence, and digital health, or you want to find inspiration in disruptive design ideas, the Medtech Hub will help you discover how today's advancements can drive next-gen medical devices.

Medtech Education Hub

This three-day theater — designed specifically for medical device engineers working in R&D, design, and product development — offers a full slate of high-quality, in-depth education in key areas driving medtech innovation today. These can't-miss educational sessions in the Expo Hall are free to attend and provide opportunities for medical device engineers to:

  • Get up to speed on the latest medical device design trends
  • See new technologies and technical solutions in sensors, batteries, materials, artificial intelligence, and digital health
  • Hear from leading industry experts about future trends impacting the medtech industry
  • Gain inspiration for new products or projects
  • Source components and services from leading suppliers
  • Network with other R&D, design, product development, and engineering professionals from leading medical device manufacturers

Delivering expert-led education on product development, R&D, new technologies, and the latest strategies in turning concepts into competitive products, the Medtech Education Hub is a key reason why R&D professionals, designers, engineers, project managers, and others working to develop the next breakthrough medical devices consider this industry education a must-attend.

Session Highlights

Top Trends to Watch in Medtech: Innovation and Consolidation

As business models continue to evolve, medtech is poised to nurture the convergence of health care and technology. By leveraging innovation, medtech players big and small may transform how healthcare is delivered. This session will keep you up to date on the latest trends in medtech that you'll need to stay competitive, and will highlight trends including the merging of health and technology, dynamics of capital allocation and investment trends, use cases for next-gen medical devices, and more.

How Artificial Intelligence is Moving the Needle in Medtech

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage right now, but what's really happening with these technologies in healthcare? In this panel discussion, hear from startups and established companies alike as they gauge the potential of AI for medical devices, discuss how AI stands to change the healthcare landscape, and explain what medtech companies will need to do to adapt. Learn about the challenges that AI presents, AI applications in imaging, surgical robotics, chronic disease, and neurological disorders, and the ways that AI can impact patient behavior.

Secrets of Disruptive Medical Device Design

Join our panel of Medical Design Excellence Awards finalists for an in-depth look at the design thinking and product development processes that led to their novel devices. Attendees will get an intimate look at how top innovators in medtech think and work, and you'll take home tips to inspire your own product development teams to achieve greatness. Discover how to find inspiration in unlikely places, and how to innovate within regulatory and market constraints.

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