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Are you looking to outsource? Contract manufacturing and contract packaging can help you improve operations by aligning you with specialized professionals who meet stringent quality requirements and are savvy at cutting costs. However, finding the right people who understand your project or industry is a critical first step to avoiding quality issues and fluctuations in production.

Meet reliable, experienced contractors that will help you at the outset by spotting flaws and potential risks throughout the supply chain — and bring you closer to your end product.

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Why Contract Manufacturing & Contract Packaging:

  • Within the electronics segment alone, contract manufacturing rose in value from $20.8B in 2013 to $28.3B in 2018.
  • Specific to medical, a growing focus on reducing the cost of production is driving contract manufacturing.
  • Contract manufacturing allows device makers to focus on core competencies — research, product development, sales and marketing — entrusting more processes and services to providers.

Contract Manufacturing and Contract Packaging aren't the only areas of focus at the show this year — check out all six topics we're spotlighting this June.